Panch Tulsi Drop (30 ml)

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Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, is one of the most renowned traditional herbs in Ayurveda and is highly regarded for its exceptional health benefits. Mint Veda Panch Tulsi Drops harness the healing properties of Tulsi and offer a multitude of health advantages. These drops serve as a tonic for the entire body and act as an immunity booster, providing protection against various viral diseases and infections while promoting overall well-being. The Panch Tulsi drops comprise a perfect blend of five types of Tulsi leaves: Nimbu Tulasi, Shyam Tulasi, Ram Tulasi, Van Tulasi, and Shwet Tulsi. This unique combination helps foster a healthy and energetic lifestyle. Regular usage of Mint Veda Panch Tulsi Drops aids in enhancing the body’s immunity and purifying the blood. It helps reduce anxiety and stress, safeguards the body against infections, regulates blood sugar levels, maintains cholesterol levels, and promotes a healthy stomach. These Tulsi drops possess antibacterial, antimicrobial, antioxidant, antibiotic, and anti-cough properties. They assist in addressing respiratory problems, lung issues, and also contribute to the overall health of the skin, oral cavity, eyes, and dental hygiene.


    • May stimulate digestive functions: The Mint Veda Panch Tulsi Drops have been known to stimulate digestive functions. They aid in the smooth functioning of the digestive system, promoting proper digestion and relieving issues such as indigestion and bloating.
    • Boosts the body’s immune system: These Tulsi drops act as a natural immune booster. They enhance the body’s defense mechanism, enabling it to fight against various infections, viruses, and diseases, thus strengthening overall immunity.
    • May support weight loss: The Mint Veda Panch Tulsi Drops may assist in weight loss efforts. By promoting healthy digestion, they contribute to efficient metabolism and support the body’s natural weight management processes.
    • Helps improve energy levels: These Tulsi drops are known to boost energy levels. By revitalizing the body and providing essential nutrients, they help combat fatigue and improve overall energy and vitality.
    • May fight respiratory problems: The Mint Veda Panch Tulsi Drops have been traditionally used to address respiratory problems. Their properties help in alleviating issues such as congestion, cough, and cold, providing relief and promoting respiratory health.
    • Provides relief from cough or cold: Due to its anti-cough and anti-congestion properties, the Mint Veda Panch Tulsi Drops offer relief from coughs and colds. They help soothe the throat, reduce mucus formation, and ease respiratory discomfort.
    • Eases respiratory illness: These Tulsi drops are beneficial for individuals with respiratory illnesses. They provide support and relief from symptoms associated with asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory conditions.
    • Helps the body combat physical and mental stress: Mint Veda Panch Tulsi Drops are known to have adaptogenic properties, meaning they assist the body in adapting to and coping with physical and mental stress. They promote a sense of calmness and relaxation, helping to combat stress and anxiety.

The Mint Veda Panch Tulsi Drops offer a natural and holistic approach to health and well-being. By incorporating these drops into your daily routine, you can experience the multitude of benefits that Tulsi provides. From enhancing immunity and supporting weight loss to addressing respiratory problems and providing relief from coughs and colds, these drops offer a comprehensive solution for overall health. It is important to note that while these drops offer potential benefits, they are not intended to replace any prescribed medication or treatment. If you have specific health concerns or are on medication, it is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before using any new supplement.

Note: The benefits listed above are based on traditional usage and anecdotal evidence. Individual results may vary.


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Brand KVR
Shelf Life 24 Months
Form Liquid
Packaging Size 30 ml
Packaging Type Plastic Bottle
Feature The Liquid Extract of Five Types of Tulsi
Usage/Application Helpful in fighting cough, cold, acidity, constipation, stomach pain.
Is It FSSAI Certified FSSAI Certified
Item Weight 0.3 gm


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