Designer Copper Bottle and Two Glasses Set

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Elevate Your Hydration Experience with Our Designer Copper Bottle and Two Glasses Set

Introducing our Designer Copper Bottle and Two Glasses Set, a combination of style and wellness that enhances your drinking experience. This exquisite set not only adds a touch of elegance to your table but also promotes the numerous health benefits associated with copper.

Timeless Design: Our Designer Copper Bottle and Glasses Set boast a timeless design that exudes sophistication. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it’s a testament to quality and aesthetics.

Pure Copper Construction: The set is made from pure copper, a material known for its health benefits. Copper not only adds a unique flavor to water but is also believed to have antimicrobial properties and may aid in digestion and joint health.

Two Matching Glasses: This set includes two beautifully coordinated copper glasses. These glasses are not just functional; they are elegantly designed to complement the bottle, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your table.

Functional and Versatile: Whether you’re using it to serve water, fresh juices, or other beverages, this Designer Copper Bottle and Glasses Set is versatile and stylish. It’s perfect for both daily use and special occasions.

Promotes Wellness: Drinking from copper vessels is a time-honored tradition in many cultures. Copper is believed to offer various health benefits, and this set allows you to incorporate these benefits into your daily routine.

Ideal for Gifting: This set is a thoughtful and elegant gift choice. Whether you’re presenting it for a birthday, anniversary, or as a gesture of wellness and care, it conveys your consideration for the recipient’s health and happiness.

Elevate your hydration experience with our Designer Copper Bottle and Two Glasses Set. This exceptional set combines timeless design, health benefits, functionality, and coordination to create a memorable and stylish drinking experience. Whether you’re enjoying your beverages at home, at work, or on special occasions, this set ensures that you can do so with elegance and wellness in mind. Make every sip a moment of sophistication, wellness, and refreshment with this exquisite addition to your tableware or present it as a thoughtful and elegant gift for your loved ones.

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Brand Stuti Bowl
Country of Origin India
Material Copper
Dimensions L x W x H 17.78 cm
Item Weight 1 kg
Net Quantity 1


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