Designer Empty Wooden Box with Royal Meenakaari Work


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Discover Elegance and Artistry with Our Designer Wooden Box Adorned with Royal Meenakari Work

Unveil the essence of royalty and craftsmanship with our exquisite Designer Wooden Box featuring the splendid art of Royal Meenakari Work. This magnificent piece is more than just a box; it’s a symbol of tradition, beauty, and intricate artistry that adds a touch of opulence to your surroundings.

Timeless Craftsmanship: Our Designer Wooden Box is a testament to the timeless art of Meenakari, a centuries-old technique that originated in Rajasthan, India. Each box is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans who have honed their craft over generations. The result is a piece that not only showcases their expertise but also preserves a rich cultural heritage.

Intricate Meenakari Work: What sets this box apart is the elaborate Meenakari work that adorns its surface. Meenakari involves the meticulous hand-painting of intricate patterns and designs on metal surfaces, which are then delicately set into the wooden frame of the box. The vibrant colors, detailed motifs, and shimmering embellishments create a mesmerizing visual experience that reflects the grandeur of Indian royalty.

Versatile Utility: Beyond its stunning aesthetics, this Designer Wooden Box offers versatile functionality. It can serve as an elegant storage solution for jewelry, trinkets, precious keepsakes, or even as a statement piece on your table or shelf. Its interior is spacious and thoughtfully designed to keep your cherished items safe and organized.

A Royal Gift: This Designer Wooden Box with Royal Meenakari Work is more than just a box; it’s a timeless gift that exudes luxury and thoughtfulness. Whether you’re presenting it to a loved one on a special occasion or as a token of appreciation, this box represents the art of gifting at its finest. It’s a gesture that transcends time and conveys your deep regard.

A Touch of India’s Heritage: Bringing a piece of India’s rich cultural heritage into your home, this Designer Wooden Box serves as a reminder of the traditions and stories that have shaped generations. It’s a conversation starter, a collector’s item, and a cherished addition to your decor that tells a story of artistry and legacy.

Elevate your living space with our Designer Wooden Box featuring Royal Meenakari Work. This exceptional piece combines artistry, functionality, and cultural heritage into a single work of art. It’s an embodiment of India’s royal legacy and craftsmanship, a testament to your refined taste, and a unique addition to your home or a thoughtful gift for someone special. Experience the allure of Meenakari and infuse your surroundings with the essence of tradition and opulence.

Brand Stuti Bowl
Country of Origin India
Dimensions L x W x H 17.78L x 12.7W
Item Weight 1.5 kg
Net Quantity 1


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