Handmade Bamboo Pen Holder

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Bamboo Pen Holder: Organize Your Essentials in Style

1. Sustainable Craftsmanship

Our Bamboo Pen Holder is handcrafted from premium natural bamboo. Each piece reflects the skill and dedication of local artisans. By choosing this pen holder, you contribute to sustainable practices and support traditional craftsmanship.

2. Materials Matter

Natural Bamboo: Our pen holder is made from renewable bamboo, known for its strength and durability.
Eco-Friendly: Say goodbye to plastic and opt for an eco-conscious alternative. Bamboo is biodegradable and leaves a smaller environmental footprint.

3. Objectives: Keep Your Workspace Tidy

Ample Capacity: With space for at least 30 pencils, pens, and other stationery items, our pen holder keeps your essentials organized.
Versatile Use: Use it in your office, study, or home. It’s perfect for artists, students, and professionals alike.

4. Step-by-Step Assembly (No Tools Required)

Unbox your bamboo pen holder.
Place it on your desk or tabletop.
Arrange your pens, pencils, and other items inside.
Admire the natural beauty of bamboo.

5. Key Features:

Geometric Design: The clean lines and minimalist design enhance any workspace.
Sturdy Base: The wide base ensures stability, preventing tipping.
Smooth Finish: No splinters—just a polished surface that feels great to touch.

6. Benefits:

Aesthetic Appeal: Elevate your desk aesthetics with the warm tones of bamboo.
Functional Organization: Say goodbye to cluttered desks; everything has its place.
Conscious Choice: By opting for bamboo, you make a positive impact on the environment.

Remember, a well-organized desk boosts productivity and creativity. Invest in quality, embrace nature, and enjoy the benefits of our Bamboo Pen Holder. 🌿🖊️✨1

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Brand Shree Shyam Bamboo Craft
Country of Origin Made in India
Feature Natural Fiber Beauty
Dimensions L x W x H 2.5 inch width X 3.5 inch height
Item Weight 100 gm
Net Quantity 1


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