Holika Dahan Samagri Pooja Kit

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Holika Dahan Samagri Pooja Kit
Ignite the Divine Flame with Our Holika Dahan Kit
Why Choose Our Pooja Kit?

Authentic Ingredients: Each component of our kit is sourced from trusted suppliers, ensuring purity and authenticity. Let’s delve into the details:
Roli: The auspicious red powder symbolizes prosperity and protection.
Kacha Suth: Pure cotton thread for tying sacred knots during the ritual.
Akshta: Rice grains, representing abundance and blessings.
Pushp: Fragrant flowers to invoke positive energies.
Sabut Moong: Whole green gram, signifying growth and fertility.
Haldi Ki Gandh: Turmeric paste, known for its cleansing properties.
Batasha: Sweet sugar confection, a token of sweetness in life.
Mishri: Rock sugar crystals, symbolizing purity and clarity.
Chandn Ka Tika: Sandalwood paste for divine protection.
Gulaal: Vibrant colored powder to celebrate the victory of good over evil.
Haldi: Ground turmeric, a powerful purifier.
Upalo ki Mala: A garland of sacred beads to connect with the divine.

Crafted for Tradition: Our kit adheres to age-old customs and rituals, ensuring a meaningful Holika Dahan ceremony.

Convenience: No need to hunt for individual items; everything you need is neatly packed in one box.

Spiritual Significance: Each item carries deep symbolism, allowing you to connect with the spiritual realm during the sacred ritual.

Why We Stand Out:

Quality Assurance: We prioritize quality above all else. Our products undergo rigorous checks to meet the highest standards.

Thoughtful Curation: Our team of experts carefully selects and assembles each component, ensuring a harmonious blend of tradition and practicality.

Customer-Centric Approach: We understand your needs and strive to provide a seamless experience. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Holistic Experience: Beyond just materials, our kit offers a holistic experience—imbued with blessings, positivity, and reverence.

Benefits of Our Holika Dahan Samagri Pooja Kit:

Efficiency: Save time and effort by having all essentials in one place.
Peace of Mind: Perform the ritual confidently, knowing you have authentic ingredients.
Spiritual Connection: Immerse yourself fully in the sacred moment.
Tradition Preserved: Uphold age-old customs with reverence.

Order Your Kit Today and Illuminate Your Holika Dahan with Divine Grace!

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Brand Stuti Blow
Packaging Type Packet
Country of Origin Made in India
Feature Natural Ingredients
Item Weight 400 gm


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