Wooden Learning Educational Fruit Board for Kids

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Unlock your child’s imagination with our Wooden Learning Educational Fruit Board. Crafted with care and designed to engage young minds, this delightful toy offers a world of learning opportunities. Let’s explore why it’s the perfect choice for your little one:

Wood Made – Safer Than Plastic Sets: Our fruit board is made from high-quality wood, ensuring safety and durability. Say goodbye to flimsy plastic toys!

Heavy-Duty Set for Play Kitchens: Whether at home, in nursery schools, or playgroups, this set encourages group play. Children learn the names of different food groups, ingredients, and cutlery, enhancing their language skills.

Vibrant and Realistic Food Items: From juicy watermelons to crunchy carrots, our colorful fruit pieces look just like the real thing. Pretend play breakfast, lunch, and dinner becomes a delightful culinary adventure!

Accessories for All Other Food Toys: Expand your child’s playtime with our variety of unique food items. Burgers, ice cream, fish, and more – all on the same cutting board! Plus, two knives for shared play.

Educational Benefits: As kids cut the pieces, they develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and numeracy skills. Parents can teach fractions and colors during playtime.

Best for Learning: Our fruit board isn’t just a toy; it’s an effective learning tool. Encourage creativity, role-play, and culinary skills. Perfect for indoor and outdoor activities.

Order Now and Watch Your Child Blossom!

Remember, our Wooden Learning Educational Fruit Board isn’t just a toy – it’s an investment in your child’s growth and development. Order today and let the learning begin! 🌟

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Brand Clapjoy Innovation PVT LTD
Country of Origin Made in India
Feature Vibrant and Realistic Food Items
Dimensions L x W x H 28 x 19 x 0.7 Cm
Item Weight 150 gm
Net Quantity 1


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