Neem Karela Jamun Capsule (60 Capsules / 100 gms)

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Neem, Karela (Bitter Gourd), and Jamun (Black Plum) are three powerful natural ingredients that offer a multitude of health benefits. Neem extract capsules possess properties that may help reduce inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, soothe gastric symptoms such as bloating and swelling, and promote healthy skin and metabolism. Karela, a unique vegetable known for its bitterness, is used in medicines due to its low-calorie content and numerous health benefits. Jamun extract capsules are enriched with a blend of essential nutrients, flavonoids, medicinal compounds, and organic acids like malic acid and oxalic acid, making them valuable in managing several health issues.

At KVR Traders, we believe in harnessing the power of nature to support your overall health and well-being. Our Neem, Karela, and Jamun Extract Capsules are carefully formulated to capture the incredible properties of these ingredients, providing you with a convenient and effective way to incorporate their health benefits into your daily routine.


Neem, Karela, and Jamun Extract Capsules offer a wide range of benefits that can contribute to your overall health and vitality. Here are the key advantages you can experience by incorporating these capsules into your daily routine:

Helps in Glucose Metabolism: Karela and Jamun extracts in the capsules have been traditionally used to support healthy glucose metabolism, aiding in maintaining stable blood sugar levels.

Controls Blood Sugar: The combination of Karela and Jamun extracts helps regulate blood sugar levels, making it beneficial for individuals with diabetes or those looking to manage their blood sugar.

Extremely Beneficial for Eye Vision: The presence of antioxidants and bioactive compounds in Jamun extract supports eye health, helping to improve vision and protect against age-related eye diseases.

Helps in Digestion: Neem extract capsules possess properties that aid in digestion, soothing gastrointestinal discomfort and promoting healthy digestion.

Increases Immunity and Heals Wounds: The antioxidants and antimicrobial properties found in Neem help boost the immune system and promote quick healing of wounds, cuts, and abrasions.

Stimulates the Pancreas, Liver, and Digestive System: Karela extract in the capsules stimulates the pancreas and liver, promoting healthy digestion and supporting the overall function of the digestive system.

Helps Fight Acidity Issues: The combination of Neem and Karela extracts helps in alleviating acidity issues, providing relief from symptoms such as heartburn and acid reflux.

Helps Suppress Fever: Neem extract possesses antipyretic properties and has been traditionally used to help lower fever and alleviate associated symptoms.

Fights Acne and Gives You Glowing Skin: The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of Neem extract help combat acne-causing bacteria, reduce inflammation, and promote clear and glowing skin.

In conclusion, Neem, Karela, and Jamun Extract Capsules offer a natural and convenient way to incorporate the benefits of these powerful ingredients into your daily routine. From promoting healthy glucose metabolism and controlling blood sugar to supporting digestion, boosting immunity, and enhancing skin health, these capsules provide a range of advantages for your overall well-being. By incorporating Neem, Karela, and Jamun Extract Capsules from [Brand Name] into your lifestyle, you can harness the power of nature to support your health and enjoy a healthier and more vibrant life. Experience the transformative potential of these capsules and unlock the benefits of Neem, Karela, and Jamun for your well-being.

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Brand KVR
Shelf Life 18 Month
Form Capsules
Packaging Size 60 capsules
Packaging Type Bottle
Country of Origin Made in India
Usage/Application Personal
Is It FSSAI Certified FSSAI Certified
Number Of Capsule 60
Item Weight 100 gm


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