Dal Moth


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Product Description:

Indulge in the irresistible charm of our Dal Moth, a classic Indian snack that promises to elevate your snacking experience to new heights. Crafted with care and bursting with bold flavors, our Dal Moth is a testament to tradition and quality that’s sure to leave you craving for more.

Key Features:

Authentic Flavor: Our Dal Moth captures the essence of traditional Indian snacking. Each bite is a burst of flavors that transports you to the bustling streets of India.

Roasted Lentils and Nuts: The combination of fried lentils (dal) and roasted nuts creates a delightful textural contrast. It’s a crunchy symphony that keeps your taste buds engaged.

Secret Spice Blend: Our artisans blend spices with precision, creating a harmonious balance of heat, tanginess, and earthiness. It’s the kind of flavor that lingers long after you’ve finished your snack.

Versatile Snack: Whether you’re hosting guests, enjoying a picnic, or simply relaxing at home, our Dal Moth is the perfect companion. It pairs well with tea, cold beverages, or even a glass of wine.


Protein-Packed: Lentils and nuts are excellent sources of plant-based protein. Our namkeen provides a tasty way to boost your protein intake.

Heart-Healthy: The monounsaturated fats from roasted nuts contribute to heart health. Snack guilt-free knowing you’re nourishing your body.

Digestive Aid: The blend of spices aids digestion. Whether you’re enjoying it as a standalone snack or pairing it with other dishes, your tummy will thank you.

Long Shelf Life: Sealed to perfection, our Dal Moth stays fresh for up to 6 weeks. It’s the ideal snack to keep on hand for impromptu cravings.

Why We Stand Out:

1. Nutty Crunch:

The magic lies in the combination of fried lentils and nuts. Our Dal Moth delivers a satisfying crunch that’s hard to resist.

2. Shelf Life Magic:

Sealed to perfection, our Dal Moth stays fresh for up to 6 weeks. It’s like opening a treasure chest of flavor whenever you need a quick snack.

3. Versatile Pairing:

Beyond solo snacking, our mixture pairs beautifully with other foods. Sprinkle it over salads, chaats, or enjoy it with your evening tea. The possibilities are endless!

Make Every Snack Count:

Whether you’re hosting guests, enjoying a movie night, or simply craving a spicy treat, our Dal Moth is your trusted companion. It’s not just namkeen; it’s an emotion.

Grab your pack now and savor the spicy magic!

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Brand Gopinath Namkeen Bhandar
Country of Origin Made in India
Feature Secret Spice Blend
Net Quantity 1


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